In line with the PrideWyse's organisational values we have applied five-point values to the framework for official social media use by employees:

  • Integrity employees should be open, honest and reliable when using social media, conducting activities professionally and ethically.
  • Courage employees should have the courage to use social media as a way of engaging with the PrideWyse's audiences, where appropriate.
  • Accountability employees should take personal accountability for what they say and do while using social media.
  • Respect employees should respect the people they communicate with through social media, valuing different opinions and building relationships.
  • Excellence employees should aim to improve their performance by using social media, listening to their audience and engaging with them.
  • Official social media use must also adhere to the PrideWyse's Employee Code of Conduct.

Public comments on PrideWyse social media accounts

The PrideWyse actively seeks ideas, questions, complaints, and compliments from members of the public. The public is encouraged to join the open conversation and debate, but is expected to participate in a respectful manner. Therefore, on platforms with public editorial access, The PrideWyse reserves the right to delete:

  • Knowingly false or mischievous complaints or statements about individuals, companies or the government
  • Content that is misleading, obscene, off-topic, sexist, racist or spam
  • Content that uses the PrideWyse site for promotional or commercial purposes
  • Content that breaks or encourages others to break the laws of Australia and its states and territories in any way, including breaching privacy laws;
  • Content that defames or harasses any participant of the PrideWyse site, administration, employees or volunteers.


The PrideWyse cannot and does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of public comments found on its social media sites, nor its usefulness for any particular purpose. Nor does the PrideWyse represent or warrant that the comments on the pages comply with the laws of any country outside Australia.

The PrideWyse is not responsible for the uptime of these platforms.

The views expressed and published on the PrideWyse by a participant, invitee, expert, guest or other person are not necessarily the views of the PrideWyse.

The PrideWyse accepts no responsibility arising from reliance by any person or party on any comment or information published on any PrideWyse social media site. Further, the PrideWyse does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of any comment published on a PrideWyse social media site.

Links to external websites and users' social media accounts are provided as a convenience to users and such sites and associated content are not under the control of the PrideWyse. When links have been included, the content of these links does not and should not imply endorsement of that website, service or person by the PrideWyse.

The PrideWyse's privacy statement covers the use by PrideWyse of information it collects.

Privacy statements for the relevant channels can also be found online:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:
  • Flickr:
  • Google Plus:
  • LinkedIn:

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