About the Company

Our Management Team

Ms. Xuan Tran founded PrideWyse in November 2006. Since then the company has built a large network of professionals who contribute to building and achieving her mission. After years in working in the technology industry, Xuan has been able to grow a large network, which extends to corporate industries, non for profit industries, the entrepreneur industry as well as technology vendors across Australia. Our management team represents the most experienced technology professionals in the industry.

Our Founder and CEO - Ms. Xuan Tran

As PrideWyse Chief Executive Officer, Xuan is responsible for PrideWyse day-to-day operations, as well as leading the organisations long term goals, product development, and technology strategy. Xuan founded PrideWyse in 2006 whilst pursuing a Bachelors Degree at RMIT University, Business Information Systems, whilst also working full time in Leadership, Management, Marketing, and Sales and Business Development in Technology for 7 years.

Her mission is to change the face of the way the world is communication through the digital era, utilising creativity, and by challenging the status quo. Her experience as a passionate professional female, through 7 years in the technology sector, provides her with the skills to see new technology trends. With corporate IT professional with substantial technology, infrastructure, and business development experience. Her focuses on self-leadership as well as business innovations provide a unique quality with her experience.

Professional Experience

  • Business Startup
  • Business Development Management
  • Sales & Consultancy
  • Strategy Development
  • Test & Development Processes
  • Marketing Development, Branding Design & Market Analysis
  • Purchasing & Negotiation
  • Training & Documentation
  • Team Leadership & Self Leadership
  • Cold Calling & Lead Generation
  • International Globalisation

Our Board Members - Dr. Marcus Powe PhD

Marcus consults to boards and CEOs about how to implement and measure creativity and innovation, and researches and writes on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. He also coaches leaders in organisations and communities as they move to their next position of choice in today's turbulent market place.

The first two in a series of four books, The Entrepreneurial Process and The Creation of Sustainable Value are used by many of the 1500 organisations in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia he has worked with as a reference for sustained growth.

Marcus is also the Entrepreneur in Residence at RMIT University where he works with staff, students and alumni to refine and develop their ideas and business opportunities.

In 2008, Australia's Business/Higher Education Round Table recognised Marcus' contribution with the award for Australia's Best Entrepreneurial Educator. In 2009, he received further national recognition from the Business/Higher Education Round Table for sustained excellence in collaboration between universities and business.

Marcus has been consulting and lecturing nationally and internationally for 25 years and was a Federal Director and national Chair of Professional Development of the Institute of Management Consultants.

He has owned, managed and led organisations in the fields of textiles, scientific instrumentation, education, information technology, consumer software development and tourism. He is currently Managing Director of a consultancy, EIC Growth Pty Ltd, specialising in the growth of organisations for profit and not for profit. He is also a co-founder of United Vision Entertainment, an arts/media/publishing/technology organisation which is developing a new model for sustained growth in the arts.

Marcus has made, and continues to make, an extraordinary impact on the attitudes, self-esteem, behavior, life chances, values and outcomes of thousands of students and professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Our Location

PrideWyse is Location at the HUB of Melbourne, in Australia, The City of Culture and Literature.

Capital Raising

If you are interested in becoming an Investor or would like to be submit a proposal, please register your interest by contacting us on the following link:

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  • Our Culture

    The fundamental element which makes PrideWyse what it is, are the people and our pioneers. We hire a balance of people from all walks of life who can contribute to an open and free culture. We strive to create an environment that provides opportunity for career development, as well as professional development.

    We provide an environment where women have equal opportunity, salaries, and family friendly environments to allow women to continue to pursue their dreams.

    We provide a voice to our staff, where they feel as though they can innovate to new business ideas, products, and development of opinions.

    What We Believe

    There are four elements that are true to our beliefs in ensuring success in driving our mission:

    • Simple People/User Experiences
    • Challenging the Status Quo
    • Focus on People, not Users
    • A platform where Information becomes knowledge
    From our research, we have seen how people are currently reacting towards the trends in the Internet, and how it could be done better. We currently see a fragmentation of information, which is irrelevant to how people interact in real life. PrideWyse is challenging how we currently interact on the Internet in new and exciting ways.

    What We Do

    We are building a new platform, that will change the way we see the Internet and its content. Join us, by becoming a sponsor, a pioneer, or a supporter in our testing phases.


    My friends who have a passion in these areas need places to express themselves to the world, and PrideWyse will give them the vehicle to do this. -D.A

    I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining! -S.V

    This site is like a classroom, except I don't hate it! -L.M