About Us

Support the biggest creative initiatives in history! PrideWyse is a platform where you can express yourself, and share your story to the world. Join the PrideWyse community by making a pledge! See www.pozible.com/projectex for details on how you can help be apart of our dream.

PrideWyse Pty Ltd of Melbourne is currently in the midst of fundraising our prototype web service. PrideWyse is a global community of sharing stories, experiences through imagination inspires us, and with the power of the written word, create the biggest creative initiative in history to express yourself.

The organisation will start with the community in the city of art & literature, the City Of Melbourne's. We invite the creative industry to pioneer, and rewrite history as the culture center, where PrideWyse will launch. By 2014 PrideWyse will be the place to be online for entertainment.

With your help, we can gain over 1 million online subscriptions by 2014.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, the PrideWyse network has selected a unique group of industry professionals with specialties tied with the literature community. Our partnerships are internationally recognised and differentiates us as one of only five UNESCO Cities of literary heritage and culture, Melbourne of Australia.

Our Story

In 2006 the founder Xuan Tran, made a decision during a drive in the car to create a system, which will address the general boredom of what is currently on the Internet. The name "PrideWyse" was created to symbolise the characters of the people who would be using the site. The use of the term reflects the mission to organise infinite information on the web to the quality of the content represented globally.

We are currently seeking sponsorship to achieve our mission to change the way we express ourselves on the Internet.

Our Products

We are currently in progress in building a community, as well as building web tools, web applications, and mobile applications to achieve our mission. A Prototype has been created and will be in Beta testing shortly. Contact us if you are interested in testing our Beta release and/or join our initiative.

Our Community

If you represent a unique skill that is currently not being represented well enough please contact us and join us in building our community. Our community currently consists of:

  • - Poets
  • - Authors
  • - Publishers
  • - Movie Producers
  • - Script Writers
  • - Journalists
  • - Creative Individuals
  • - Bloggers


My friends who have a passion in these areas need places to express themselves to the world, and PrideWyse will give them the vehicle to do this. -D.A

I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining! -S.V

This site is like a classroom, except I don't hate it! -L.M